MUSI 1100

Transitioning to University Studies in Music



Instructor:  Dr. Vicky V. Johnson

Office 122   Phone: Ext. 9238



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Note:   This is an organic document!  It will change.  You are responsible for what is on this page, not a copy you made at the beginning of the semester.


The dates given in the right column are the due dates, not the day we will work on assignments in class.  If there is ever a problem with an assignment (technology problem, don't understand it, can't find it, etc.) do not wait until the due date (or time) to explain your problem.

Transition Week




Take handwritten notes on everything.  That will be part of your grade.

Slack invitation


Poll Everywhere

Text VICKYJOHNSON661 to 22333


Build your own Planner/Journal


Assignments due:



First journal entry

Prompt:  Why are you here?

Even if you don't have your Planner yet, print some paper and you can add it to your planner later.


Bring a question

Write it down; no signature necessary

Thursday, we will also do some dictation!

Online piano

Week 1

Aug 28-Sep 1

Time Management



Heads up!

Your final project will be to construct an ePortfolio.  If you would like to get a head start, go to the Portfolium page and get started!



How to Study/Learn




Assignments due:





Journal entry

Prompt: Goals

List at least 3 goals on each level:  See Time Management


Avoid these words:  get, be, more, enough, work on, become, sooner, earlier, have, learn to, nice, friendly, make, become, better, etc.


Be specific:

Learn my music.  Be able to play "title" straight through with no mistakes.

Make new friends.  Strike up a conversation at lunch with one person I do not know.

Become more organized.  Complete my daily to-do list the night before for an entire month.

Get a job.  Send out two new applications.

Get enough rest.  Go to bed at 10:00pm.

Save money.  Add $20 per week to my study abroad fund.

Get in shape.  Schedule 1 hr at the Fitness Center 3 times this week.

Be the best I can be.  Redo this assignment.


Note:  on Thursdays, beginning in Week 3, you will include a Blackboard grade check.  Download this Grade Check template.  It will be randomly checked throughout the semester and graded at the end for completion.


Encore game with cards

Make a note of questions in your Planner.  I will periodically ask for more.

Week 2

Sep 4-8


Wellness with Dr. Robertson on Tuesday



Roadblocks are there to keep those out who don't want it enough.




How to describe music (how to communicate effectively)

Analysis by Listening


Thursday:  Revisit goal-setting

Assignments due:



Journal entry

Prompt:  Describe your study habits in high school.  Did they help you be successful?  Why or why  not?



Written assignment

Outline your study plan for this semester.  Include specific places, times, materials, and strategies.  Why will this plan ensure your success?  Put this assignment on paper that will fit in your planner.  If it is sloppy, I will return it to you.



Journal entry

Prompt: What is your favorite song/music piece?  What do you love about it?  How does it make you feel?  What about the music makes you feel that way?



What courses are you having trouble with?

What have you found to be unexpected so far?




Week 3

Sep 11-15


Portfolium introduction with Doug Hanna on Tuesday


Critical Thinking


Critical reading

Assignments due:



Journal entry

Prompt: "Don't play what's there.  Play what's not there." ~ Miles Davis

What does this quote mean to you?



Journal entry + grade check

Prompt:  Recall a compliment you received that you especially value.  What was it and why did you value it above others?



Week 4

Sep 18-22



Group Project (due next Tuesday, Sep 26)

1.  Identify a campus problem

     a.  Articulate and explain the problem

     b.  Why is it a problem?  For whom?

2.  Research and find a solution

     a.  Who is the point person for information?

     b.  What has been done about it in the past?

     c.  What specific action can be taken now?

3.  Be ready to present your findings on due date


Note:  all members of the group must have both research and presentation responsibilities for a grade.




Refer back to Study Plan from Week 2




Financial Literacy




Assignments due:



Journal entry

Prompt:  Confirmation bias

Do you have confirmation bias?  Don't say "No," we all have it.  Name 3 examples with explanations. 


Journal entry + grade check

Prompt: Identify a decision you are struggling with.  What are the pros and cons?




Week 5

Sep 25-29




Draw your Future



Assignments due:



Group project presentation



Journal entry

Prompt:  What issues have caused you the most stress this far into your first semester?  What transition into college life has been the most difficult?  What course(s) are most difficult for you and why?



Draw Your Future

Print this template and complete the drawing.  Do not draw student on left side and finished on the right.  Draw your current reality and your desired current reality.



Journal entry + grade check

Prompt:  Describe the characteristics and behaviors of someone who exhibits professionalism.  This should be a pretty long list!




Week 6

Oct 2-6

Music Business Careers with Dr. Tejada on Tuesday




Types of Music Careers


Degree planning


Assignments due:



Journal entry

Prompt:  Identify 3 behaviors or habits that you have that do not exhibit professionalism.  Why do you do/have them?  Outline the steps you can take to change them.



Journal entry + grade check

Prompt:  What are your hobbies outside of music?  What are your skills outside of music?  What are your fun activities outside of music?



Written assignment

Print out this Complete Semester Plan

Use the rotation schedule in the Music Major Handbook and your specific degree plan in DegreeWorks, fill out your plan.  If you have already done this with your advisor, just copy it over to this form.




Week 7

Oct 9-13


ePortfolio Presentations


The benefit of failure



  Google Bias


Assignments due:



Journal entry

Prompt:  "I really wish others knew this about me:" (a complete page)



Portfolium presentations

Each student will present his/her ePortfolio to the class



Journal entry + grade check

Prompt: My successes so far/ my failures so far




Week 8

Oct 16-20


"In my next 8 weeks . . ."

Refer back to Study Plan from Week 2

What we look for in a High School Assistant




Assignments due:



Turn in planners for grading

These will be graded on 3 C's:

1.  Can you follow instructions

2.  Completeness of assignments and requirements

3.  Creativity



Journal entry + grade check

Prompt:  Reflection

Assess the FYS course.  What helped you?  How would you change it to make it more useful/helpful for the next group of First Year Students?



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