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Composition   Composers   Counterpoint    Elementary Music    Form   Finale   Graphics  Keys  Jazz    Just for Fun    Midis/MP3s    Musicology    Opera    Radio  Research  Scores    SS/ET    Theory   Textbooks   Virtual Keyboard   World Music   Writing

General Resources


Free music staff paper

Available in lots of different layouts


Sizable staff paper with keyboard or frets


Staff paper with keyboard

Another one



Project Gutenberg online library


Merriam-Webster dictionary/thesaurus w/pronunciation


Music dictionary



Research portal



Free online encyclopedia


Music encyclopedia


Portal to all Search Engines


How to Study

This is the title, but it encompasses how to learn!


Music Scores



International Music Score Library Projet

Score package includes pdf, Finale file, midi and Music XML

reasonable cost








Sheet Music Archive






All of Mozart's Music - free


Mutopia Project


Classical music in Finale file form


Free piano music


Free classical guitar music


CPDL Choral Public Domain Library


Sheet Music USA


Historic American Sheet Music


American Sheet Music



Sheet music section of this site


15th & 16th century composers scores


Bach WTC fugues in open score


Historic Sheet Music Collection


Bach Chorales with audio






Classical music midi page

20th Century Classical music mp3s


Kunstderfuge classical music


Austrian Music

but that includes classical music from Vienna!


Classical music in Finale file form


Mp3s listed by composer




Music files

Mp3 section of this site - also has midis and scores


Public domain midi and lyrics


Red ferret

1 million free, legal music tracks


Drum grooves

All styles




Java table for different kinds of tuning


Temperament tuning links


Guitar Tuning Fork

Tune your guitar to your computer


AP Tuner for Windows







Instrument names (in several languages) and their abbreviations



Instrument transposition table


A Guide to Medieval and Renaissance Instruments


Historic Music Instruments

includes video


Online Recorder Method


Musical Instruments from Around the World


Transposing Instruments





Finale Reader and Finale Notepad

Reader is free/ $9.95 for Notepad


Finale demo

Full version, but you can't save or print


Finale Knowledgebase

Search your Finale question


Finale Page

My Finale help page and class links




Technology and interactive tools

David Brian Williams links


Music Theory

General Theory


Learn About Theory Online

Many short videos!


Favorite Theory Websites

AP Readers' Favorite Theory Sites

Index to music theory and history topics

Freshman theory resources, SMTP


Capistrano Elementary

Great website from an elementary school which explains all the basics


Musicianship Quickfacts

An incredibly concise collection of info for reference


Basic Music Test

A practice test similar to our Freshman Theory Placement Test


Free Music Theory Workbook




20th Century


Set finder


Matrix generator





Basic Rules for Species Counterpoint


Harmony and Counterpoint I



Harmony and Counterpoint II



Intro to Counterpoint


Rules for Species Counterpoint




Melodic organization and devices

Illustrated with real music


Melodic Contour with listening excerpts


Mozart cells for composition ideas


Nonharmonic Tones

Real music examples

Neighboring tones, escape tones, appoggiaturas in .swf


Principles of melody

Decorative pitches (melodic embellishments) lessons:  Nonharmonic tones


How to develop a melody


Nonharmonic tones


Augmentation, diminution, inversion, retrograde


Phrases and cadences


Phrases and cadences


Picardy thirds in flash


Sequences excerpts in flash or pdf







Key signatures and other related fears




Scales and modes

Aural recognition in real music


Scale degrees

Illustrated in real music


Scale degree games


Scales and modes


Build a major scale lessons:  Major scales lessons:  Minor scales


Major & minor scales in classical excerpts lessons:  Scale degrees


Church modes


Octatonic scale


Jazz Keys

Scales and chords on a virtual piano






Drills in clef reading, intervals, scales, key signatures, chords



Flash shows staff & octave designation


Piano Mouse

Online drill to identify notes in bass and treble clef


Basic notation explained


Treble clef flashcards


Bass clef flashcards


Alto clef flashcards


Diagram of genesis of grand staff


Octave registers



Free software to download which teaches proficiency in reading notes in both clefs


Mensural Notation





Modulation Types

A handy table for step-by-step analysis


Modulation by diminished 7ths


Modulation by augmented 6ths


Modulation by Neapolitan 6






Great page with midi examples for each type


Texture, aural recognition

Illustrated with real music




The Amazing Chord Keyboard


Chord Keyboard in minor


Chord spelling



Table of chord functions for musical analysis


Chord Calculator




Figured Bass in a nutshell


Circle progressions


Common chord progressionsl


Harmonic function and progression




Chord identification and labeling


Secondary dominants


Secondary dominants, aural recognition

Illustrated in real music


Basic rules of harmonic progression


Harmonic progressions



Sound files real music illustrate cadence types

When to use triads in first inversion

When to use triads in second inversion


6/4 chords lessons:  Triad inversions lessons:  Diatonic triads lessons:  Intro to Roman Numeral Analysis lessons:  Roman numeral analysis of "Oh Canada" lessons:  Roman numeral analysis of "Auld Lang Syne"

Building chords by intervals - M, m, d, A


Mode mixture


Borrowed chords

Hilarious song

Modal mixture and borrowed chords excerpts in .swf

Interchanging diatonic chords from the minor scales


Augmented 6ths/Neapolitans


Neapolitan 6th explanation and examples

Building Neapolitan chords

Using Neapolitan chords

Neapolitan analysis - excerpt from Moonlight Sonata

Neapolitan examples in .swf, .pdf. & .mov

Intro to 7th chords

Diatonic 7th chords - analyze each type in a scale

7th Chord Inversions


Dominant 7th chords, speed quizzes


Seventh Chords

7th chord identification drill


Harmonic dictation

Real music





Intervals aural recognition

Illustrated in real music lessons:  Intervals calculated by half-steps lessons:  Intervals, enharmonic mistakes lessons:  Interval inversions lessons:  M, m, d, A intervals


Interval Worksheet generates new ones each time




Principles of part-writing



Part-writing Quick Reference Guidelines


Voicing chords writing chords in each inversion




How to Harmonize a melody in 4 parts




Aural recognition of meters

Real music


Art Levine rhythms

2 measure rhythm patterns, Brazilian origin, for rhythm practice or ostinato

Hear and identify meters from excerpts


Odd meter


Simple/compound meter irregular meter


Simple and compound meter






Binary Form






Eyes and Ears

Free sight-singing book!




Big Ears

Use to drill musical intervals

Excellent practice in drills and ear-training.

chord section includes aural drill in recognizing all types of 7th chords (2484!)

melodic dictation exercises

more melodic dictation

Good Ear

On-line ear-training exercises



Dictation drill in rhythm, bass line and melody



Ear-training exercises



Midi-based ear-training guide



List of songs to remember intervals


Analytical Listening

Form - Analysis - Composition



Video review of Form  Stephen Lias


Quick Guide to Musical Forms  Tim Foxon


Sonata form


Theme and variations








Form basics in order of size of section


Variation and rondo form



download a free figured-bass font





Textures and accompaniment types


Working with young composers


Jazz improvisation Primer


10 Technical Blunders Songwriters Make

Interactive composition of contemporary sounds



Poems in public domain for lyrics


Finale Page

Finale tips and instructions related to specific courses


Composition and Improvisation in Cross-Cultural Perspective


Film-Scoring Introduction

Music Education

The best thoughts on education


Elephant in the Room



Music History


Classical Music Timeline


Music Timeline


Music History online


Drag cities onto the European map


Gregorian chant


Gregorian Notation in detail



General Classical Music Links


Medieval Music Links


Renaissance Music Links


Baroque Music Links


Classical Period Music Links


Romantic Period Music Links


History of Russian Music



Renaissance Music





Baroque Learning Center


Mecklerd powerpoint




NPR 100

The most important American musical works of the 20th century


NPR Music Topics


The most popular Classical Music




The Blues PBS site


Ken Burns Jazz


Jazz at Lincoln Center

Free Ellington scores for your band


Delto blues


Jazz photos


Jazz chronology of most important events


Jazz styles briefly described


Jazz History


Jazz History Timeline


Photographs from the Golden Age of Jazz



Popular Music


Sociology of Rock Music


Popular Music Interest Group


CMT 100 Greatest Country Songs


Emo music


History of Rock


Reason to Rock

Rock music as an art form


Popular music research materials


Popular songs in American history




Musical Theater






Rock Jazz Blues Folk Country Swing Links


The Dead Rock Stars Club


Guide to Electronic Music


HonkeyTonk, Hymns and the Blues

a 2 hr NPR on WC Handy



The study of music and its effect on society throughout the ages. This is a broad study, and covers ancient through modern societies including ethnic topics. This study includes the music itself, as well as the instruments used, the people who influenced the music, and the societies that produced it.


The Origin of Music Site


AMS Links

American Musicological Society sites of interest


Early recorded sounds and wax cylinders


Performance practice in common practice periods Ron Anderson


Folk music site


Life and Times of Woody Guthrie


Historical music, copyright free


Folk Music info, midi and lyrics


American Sheet Music Digitization Project


Sacred Harp Singing links


Sacred Harp Hymnal 1860


400 Years of American Song and Poetry


Africa and the Blues

entire book available through Project Muse





Composers List by Period


Classical composers database




Composers online


How to pronounce composers' names


List of women composers

Excellent Beethoven site

great site w/ name the tune contests


Romantic composers


Piano Puzzler





Wagner's Ring Cycle for Dummies


Opera videos (32)




World Music


African Music Encyclopedia


Ethnomusicology, folk music, world music links


Appreciation of world music, 12 videos


National anthems of the world


Folk Music Instruments and Styles from Around the World


Traditional music around the world

Online Magazine from UK



20th Century


Microtonal Music


Electronic Music Guide

"Down Tempo" includes Musique Concrete and Minimalism


The History of Electronic Instruments


20th Century Music Links





Folk tunes

Some scores available


Just for Fun

This Day in Music History


Fun Trivia Music Quizzes


Funny Exam Answers

Here are some very funny answers to some (supposedly) actual music exams.


11 Things You Didn't Learn in School


75 Signs You Might Be a Theory Geek

I should give this list as a test!


Instrument Jokes


Insults with Class

Sir Robert's Elizabethan insult creator (OK, it's not musical, but it's hilarious!)


Visual puns (musical)


Do You Have Perfect Pitch?

Test yourself for "perfect pitch" potential


Drum Keyboard

Make up your own


Dog Singing


11 Things You Didn't Learn in School


The Story of Music

Play "Name That Tune"


Rhythm Counter

Very cool shockwave program


Singing Horses


Singing Guinea Pigs


Guinea Pig Theater and other flash cartoon movies


Play Handbells

Use "ZXCVBNMASDFGHJK" computer keyboard keys to play this 2-octave set


Guitar Canon

Canon in D via electric guitar - Awesome!


Pachelbel Rant


Desktop blues

Try this!



Professor Brown would be proud


Amazing juggler


Drum/Piano Amateur timeline editing

Merry Christmas Reindeer

Dog tricks

We Wish You a Merry Christmas

juggler on keyboard



BBC Radio Discovering Music programs


Windows media radio stations


KCUB local

Find the Music


The Lied and Art Song Texts Page

Find a song by composer, poet, title, lyrics, or language


Catchy Tune Central Title Finder

uses java keyboard to input tones

Hum the tune, find the title



List of college and University homepages


Classics from the silver screen

Index of classical and opera music used in feature films



More classical music in the movies


Merlot learning materials

Entire books with free access


James Brown and Pavarotti


Beethoven 5th Argument

Does music communicate




This is the bookstore behind Dairy Queen




This is the Barnes & Noble bookstore in the Student Center


Find the cheapest online source





Artchive classical art database



Art history links and images


Powerpoint Presentation Link


Music graphics and all things Theater


Music Fonts




Free animations


Artie's Animated gifs

includes animated backgrounds and dancing letters


Educator's Graphic Links


Research and Writing

Qualitative and Quantitative differences


HyperStat Online Statistics Textbook

Most Common Errors:  Checklist


The Impotence of Proofreading

Automatically formats citations